Expert Jaldabaoth Full Auto - Unlimited Dragon Works (5:05 Clear)

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This team abuses Gala Leonidas' chain coability and Yukata Cass's overdamage to build up twice as much combo stacks.
Galaxi and Gala Leo are two characters who can output a high amount of combos to build dragon gauge.
One Mars is mandatory for continually building up dragon gauge and for Galaxi's S2 to build more combo.
This is the team I use to farm full auto with quite high success. It clears within 5 to 7 minutes. The AI sometimes lets the boss do her regeneration ability but it is not a problem just eats up time.
The wyrmprints aren't too strict, just put 1 shapeshift prep print on Cass. Everyone should wear dragon haste print. If Galaxi is dying randomly, you can use a wind res print and Yue skill share instead of Euden's. You can sub Yukata for Kuzunoha as a f2p alternative since everyone should have her from New Years Event.
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